The Jam Bandits are a small Sydney based jam and preserving company dedicated to improving our daily accompaniments.

Growing out of a small terrace house in Sydney’s Surry Hills we’ve been able to develop a range of products that reflect where we’re from and the flavours we encounter.

Whilst some of our flavours are a little different to the ones Nanna made, we’re dedicated to observing the time honoured process of preserving and take pride in offering a product that has been carefully and artfully nurtured for centuries.

But more than anything, we love being able to offer deliciously thought through, small batch preserves that can be enjoyed everyday.

What people are saying about The Jam Bandits

 “Lovely, seasonally sourced jams.”
Australian Womens Weekly

 “Not just your run-of-the mill strawberry and apricot wrapped in checks type jam.”
Frankie Magazine

 “Jars of earthly old-school delights.”
Good Food

“It’s highly plausible that the Jam Bandits produce the best salted caramel spread in the city.”

TimeOut Sydney

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