Established in Bronte, Australia, at Handsome Devils Co. we make products that represent the things we love in life.

Handsome Devils Co. was founded by five childhood friends who grew up together in Canberra, Australia and developed a love for the finest hot sauce while travelling the Americas.  Arriving home in Australia to a land barren of quality hot sauce, we were just never satisfied by the products available in the stores.  Handsome Devils Co. then decided to cook up their own and they were pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

Handsome Devils Co. hot sauce is all about the best flavours, the highest quality ingredients, and a nice hot kick (that wont burn your face off) that you will fall in love with at every meal.  No added sugars, preservatives, colours.  No nasties, no compromises.  

We know our hot sauce is the best you'll taste in Australia (and... ahem... the world.)  And if you don't believe us, Good Food Australia has rated our De Arbol Hot Sauce the number one in Australia

Handsome Devils Co. - Handcrafted by Australian gentlemen for those who like a little handsome in their life.

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